Jeremy, Lessard, Jeremy Lessard, Modeling, Model, Male Model, Jeremy Modeling, ES Collection, Barcelona, Spain
Height: 5'8"                                                                      Waist: 30
Weight: 160                                                                     Inseam: 31
Suit: 38R                                                                           Hair: Brown
Shirt: 16/32                                                                      Eyes: Blue
Shoe: 9

-Hand Model, Cosman Medical Training Video, McElroy Films.
-Motion Art Fashion Show, Fase Magazine.
-Modeled Pre-Made Book Covers, Author Shari Ryan.
-Boston Fashion Week 2016, The Lucky Onez, ACD, Kat Yang.
-IMTA NYC Competition 2016.
-Promotional Model, ES Collection, Barcelona, Spain.
-Promotional Model, Marcuse, Australia.
-Promotional Model, Timoteo, Los Angeles, Calfornia.
-Promotional Model, Boxers NYC Bar, NYC
-Engineered For Motion (EFM), NYC, Donrad Duncan

-National Guard Officer, "Detroit", Director: Kathryn Bigelow.
-Senate Staff, "Chappaquiddick", Director: John Curran
John Casablancas International - Boston, MA

Special skills
Athletic skills, football, baseball, basketball, running, weight lifting, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, and some mixed martial arts. Also, an actor and screenplay writer.

​-2nd place - Fashion Print - IMTA 2016
-4th place - Swimsuit- IMTA 2016